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FREE DIY Skincare Recipes E-Book

FREE DIY Skincare Recipes E-Book

I have something so very special to offer you! We have never offered this before. We are gifting you a FREE DIY Skincare Recipe E-Book full of our top 10 favorite easy & effective skincare recipes. And we're including a fantastic recipe for DIY Body Butter and Scar Eraser!

You may be asking, why would a company that offers clean natural products for sale give away their recipes? Well, they're not our exact formulations, that would be nuts! BUT they are amazing recipes you can create at home if you like creating like we do.

The truth is, we are offering this e-book because we care. This company started as a hobby, making products for friends and family. It grew into a small business based on the need for clean ingredient products. Like you, so many times I've found myself shopping for body, hair or skincare products and I think I've found something wonderful until I look at the ingredients list and see "fragrance" "artificial" and a handful of unpronounceable ingredients. No matter how wonderful and clean the products seemed as soon as they add artificial fragrance and coloring they've ruined anything "natural" they were striving for. So I found myself researching and playing around at home with recipes. I was quickly obsessed. The positive feedback I receive from you all on how the essential oil rollers help you with various issues including headaches, PMS, and  sleep or how much you love that our whipped body butter seems to help with everything from dry skin, eczema and even scars & stretch marks! How could I not want to keep making and sharing what I've learned. 

So go on, and click the link below for your FREE DIY Skincare Recipe E-Book, no strings attached and enjoy creating! And be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our blog because we've got some pretty amazing things coming up real soon!! 

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