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Peaceful Petals Herbal Tea Blend

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Say hello to your favorite new herbal tea blend - Peaceful Petals. The ultimate herbal tea blend that provides a tasty escape from daily life stress so that you can feel relaxed and calm.

This premium tea has been crafted with a carefully selected mix of herbs that are known to uplift and relax the nervous system. The warm and comforting aroma of vanilla blends seamlessly with subtle floral notes and the unique tangy flavor of hibiscus creates a truly unique and soothing tea experience. Whether you're looking for a moment of peace in the morning, or a relaxing pick-me-up in the evening, Peaceful Petals is the perfect choice any time of day.

  • Relaxing & Calming

  • Mood Boosting

  • Rejuventing

With its delightful taste and mood-boosting properties, this tea is sure to become your go-to for moments of self-care. Enjoy it hot or iced, you'll love the way it envelops your senses and calms your mind. Made from only the highest quality ingredients, Peaceful Petals is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your daily routine. Don't wait - try it today and experience the power of this rejuvenating herbal tea blend!

Peaceful Petals Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Blend 2oz

Customer Reviews

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I really love this tea mix, It’s my go to on the mornings when I have time to sit and enjoy a cup !!! Have a try … you won’t be sorry !!

Amanda Lucas

Delicious tea blend. Perfect sweet/sour taste. Nice calming effect.