Premium Oud Bakhoor


Do you enjoy the warm, woody, smokey, sweet fragrance of Oud? Who doesn't!?! You will love our coveted Premium Bridal Oud Bakhoor. 

These secret, highly guarded incense recipes use superior quality Oud, perfumes and resins handcrafted by women in Yemen. Your purchase will directly help them support their families. 

Our premium bakhoor is special enough for the most important occasions yet affordable enough to use every day like we do. 

★ Receive a FREE roll of charcoal discs with every jar purchased ★

Not sure which to choose? Get both, we're so sure you will love both of them equally. Or start small and order a sample set. We'll give you a packet of each bakhoor fragrance to try along with 2 charcoal discs for burning.